Are you stuck in the aftermath of a traumatic event?

I work with individuals who have been involved in a traumatic situation and who have not bounced back; they are stuck somewhere in their natural healing process.  Confidentiality is guaranteed.

If, after a trauma, you are not feeling a little more like your regular self every day, and if the charge around the memory is not fading more and more every day, there is help available for you.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a highly effective yet gentle way of dealing with trauma and putting it to rest once and for all. It can give you your Self back and restore the pleasure in your daily life that you once felt.

People who use EFT often return to normal functioning very quickly, sometimes with as little as one to three sessions.

I have been working with PTSD and Trauma since 2008 to help clients sleep through the night, stop thinking about the horrible things that happened to them or that they witnessed, and regain their peacefulness.

Please browse this site for detailed information on how you can heal from your trauma quickly and gently.

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